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Into The Badland Daniel Wu Sunny Coat Costume

This red voguish and polished leather coat costume brought to you from a Warrior TV series ‘Into the badland.' In this tv show, Daniel Wu played an adamant, proficient and skilled person, Sunny. He wore this outstanding outfit which made his appearance rather striking and at the top notch. This leather coat has very elegant style, made into two pieces, inner vest style shirt, and outer long trench coat style. The inner jacket has wide round stand-up collar. The front of the outfit is sticky closure. There is the beautiful looking pattern at the chest and the back. The sides of the vest fastened with eyelets run with laces. The upper coat has decent shirt style collar. The front of the coat is the shirt-size length and open style. It is shut with belt and buckle run around the waist. The sleeves are long with open hem cuffs. The manifestation of this apparel is quite distinctive and well worth its price. Get this into Badland Daniel Wu Trench Coat right now and avail free shipping.

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