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Punisher War Zone Frank Skull Vest Jacket

This gripping and dramatic leather vest featured from the crime thriller Marvel Comics based 2008 movie The Punisher: War Zone. In this movie Ray Stevenson reprised the role of Frank Castle who is also known as ‘the Punisher’, based on Marvel Comics character. His role has praised by everyone. His action packed performance and style is clearly illustrated with his outfits he wore in this movie. Like this fascinating skull vest which caught his fan’s attention spills through his great sense of fashion attire.

This is a unique style black jacket and has round neckline and collar. The shoulder of this tactical vest is padded. The front of this outfit has skull shaped Punisher logo. The side of the vest has three straps it moving modish look.This Frank Castle jacket is absolutely an outstanding choice for costume party, outdoor gathering or nights out with your friends. It is stitched in high quality leather and ensured long time durability. Get this Frank Castle Punisher War Zone Tactical Vest Jacket right now and avail free shipping.

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