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Arrow Laurel Lance Black Biker Leather Jacket

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Katie Cassidy Jacket
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Katie Cassidy Arrow Black Canary Leather Jacket

Laurel Lance did a remarkable role of the Black Canary in the 8th season of the Arrow tv series. The jacket that you see right now is an inspiration from the same season that also appeared with Laurel Lance. She has always inspired everyone to dress with decency and dignity. This Arrow Laurel Lance Biker Jacket also represents the simplicity of anyone's character. On the first appearance, it got popularity between the crowd and fans of the arrow. To please our customer with this cool jacket, we added it to our online store. 

It uses genuine quality leather for its base, and the internals of the Arrow Dinah Drake Leather Jacket is covered with viscose lining to produce reliability. The open-cut collar and the front zipper closure are phenomenal. Full-length slim fit sleeves with open hem cuffs look stunning and fit perfectly. Many of our customers have tried Laurel Lance Biker Leather Jacket out and had their good experience with it.

Product Specifications:

  • Character: Dinah Drake.
  • Played By: Laurel Lance.
  • Material: Real Leather | Faux Leather.
  • Color: Glossy Jet Black.
  • TV Series: The Arrow.
  • Internal Comfort: Viscose Lining.
  • Sleeves: Ultra Slim Fit Full-Length Sleeves.
  • Hem Cuffs: Open Style Hem Cuffs.