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Brand: Flash TV Show Leather Jackets And Costumes
Product Code: The Flash Cicada Coat Costume


The Flash S5 Cicada Hooded Coat

We continually bring us the best superheroes as well as halso such fascinating scoundrels that make it hard to not adore them. The Flash line of merchandise present to you the outfit of the new miscreant named Cicada. This is the Flash S05 Cicada Coat that was worn by Chris Klein. This a superb impersonation of the one worn in the TV arrangement. The genuine calfskin is utilized for the creation of this Chris Klein The Flash The Death Of Vibe Cicada Hooded Leather Coat. There is gooey within alongside the two pockets to keep your things free from any danger. Outwardly, you have the hood that is appended to the pinnacle lapel and catches for the conclusion. The great dark shading can give the edge that your standard outfit merits!

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