Prototype Game Anime Leather Jackets And Costumes

Set in Manhattan, the game follows a powerful amnesiac shapeshifter named Alex Mercer, who must stop an outbreak of Blacklight, a plague that mutates individuals into hideous violent monsters. Alex is capable enough to create a massive mass of a 4-5 ft tick-tall Tendril that can shoot up to 10ft tall, which is strong enough to almost one-shot anything. You see, it's revealed at the end of Prototype, after Mercer completely rebuilds himself from the greasy stain left by a nuclear blast, that the entity we thought we were controlling was not Alex Mercer, strictly speaking.

In Prototype 2, the game features a new protagonist, James Heller, as he goes on a quest to destroy the Blacklight virus. The story is one of revenge, as Heller wants to kill Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the original Prototype after his family was killed in the outbreak of the Blacklight virus.

Heller defeats Mercer and consumes him. Subsequently, Heller wipes out the infected in NYZ along with most of the Blacklight Virus; using Mercer's absorbed memories, Heller locates and frees Maya and Dana from a vault. The story ends with the three overlooking New York before Dana questions what to do next.

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