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Bruce Lee is just plain awesome! He's a martial arts legend and one of the most incredible and powerful fighters ever. He made martial arts famous as a sport and a legitimate art form in the West. He totally changed how people see Asian masculinity around the world and brought together Western and Eastern cultures during his short but super impactful life. And when we watch his movies, it's no surprise that we think about fabulous men's fashion, too! OCBD, light wash denim, and chukka-style boots. However, Bruce Lee's most notorious outfit might be his two-tone jumpsuit from Game of Death (which certainly can be imitated inside streetwear). It's fascinating that he seriously loved daily elite-level apparel in America. 

If we talk about his styles, not just fashion, Bruce Lee made his craft of Jeet Kune Do, which he called the "style of no style." He was contentiously and logically intrigued by exploring one's insight and making what works for you. Wide lapels may sound like something other than a combo for the workplace today. Yet, it was prevalent during the inebriating 1970s. However, Lee often showed film participants how much power he could pack into a solitary human clenched hand and practiced more restrictions on his dress.

Latest Bruce Lee TV Shows And Movies Costume Leather Jackets And Outfits For Sale

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