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Meet Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill – the charming English entertainer who once graced our screens as Charles Brandon in Kickoff's The Tudors. But hold on, there's more to this talented lad than historical drama – he's also an ISFJ character type. Mindful, faithful, and with a solid sense of right and wrong, Henry is your go-to guy when you need someone dependable and practical in your corner. You might recognize him best as the dashing Clark Kent/Superman in the DC Extended Universe. But hey, he's not just a superhero; he's also the brooding Geralt of Rivia in "The Witcher." According to the VIP Total Assets report, Henry Cavill is swimming in a cool US$40 million, thanks to his stellar performances on both the big and small screens.

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Latest Henry Cavill TV Series And Movies Costume Leather Jackets And Trench Coats For Sale

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