Alita Battle Angel Leather Jackets And Trench Coats Merchandise

Alita Battle Angel Movie Leather Jackets And Trench Coats Merchandise

Alita: Battle Angel made $85.8 million in the US and Canada and $319.1 million in other countries, for $405 million. This was more than the $170 million budget for making the movie. It is Robert Rodriguez's most famous movie that made money. Based on Yukito Kishiro's manga book Gunnm, Alita: Battle Angel is an American cyberpunk science fiction action movie that will come out in 2019. It was directed by James Cameron and Jon Landau and written by Cameron and Laeta Kalogridis. Robert Rodriguez put it together. 

Vector is the main bad guy in the action movie Alita: Battle Angel, which comes out in 2019. He is a powerful boss, the owner of the Motorball Competition, and the leader of Iron City's governing body, The Processing Plant. A few hundred years later, Ido, a kind digital expert, finds Alita in a scrapyard in Iron City. He takes the cyborg, who doesn't know she's unwanted, to his center. 

Alita has no idea who or where she is when she wakes up. Ido tries to protect Alita from her secret past as she learns how to navigate her new life and the confusing streets of Iron City.

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Alita Battle Angel Movie Leather Jackets And Trench Coats Collection

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