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Get Smart is a 2008 American activity spy satire movie coordinated by Peter Segal, composed by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ash, and created by Leonard B. Harsh, who is additionally the maker of the first series. The actual humor will speak to kids; however, due to the continuous utilization of firearms and different weapons by both the great and miscreants, sometimes with relish, the film is generally suitable for more established tweens and up. 

Get Smart is blustery, often highly entertaining, and not even once dials back to the point of becoming dull. Get Smart's globe-running plot is about as forgettable as the covering you shuck to get to the treat. Get Smart has very few uncontrollable laughs, yet it has a lot of laughs, which is barely sufficient to improve it miles than the other new parody. The story starts At the point when individuals from the evil criminal organization KAOS assault the U.S. spy office Control. 

The Boss (Alan Arkin) needs to advance his excited examiner Maxwell Savvy (Steve Carell) to handle specialists. Brilliant, joined forces with veteran Specialist 99 (Anne Hathaway), mixes naiveté, excitement and uncouthness as he attempts to frustrate a global control plot brought forth by the wily KAOS boss, Siegfried (Terence Stamp).

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