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Alrighty, folks, let's time-travel back to 1986 when big hair was a thing, and the Highlander movie burst onto the scene like a glitter bomb! Directed by the wizard Russel Mulcahy and blessed with a story by Gregory Broaden, the first script was called Shadow Faction – a darker tale than the epic we got. This film is the grand finale of a long-standing battle between godlike champs, all woven into our daily lives. It's the OG Highlander movie, the head honcho of the franchise!

Starring the charismatic Christopher Lambert, the fabulous Roxanne Hart, the menacing Clancy Brown, and the legendary Sean Connery, Highlander had a humble start at the box office. It pocketed just over $12 million globally against a $19 million budget and had critics scratching their heads. But hey, it's so '90s that it practically hurts – in a totally awesome way!

Why's it legendary, you ask? It's a show that seamlessly mixes deep philosophical talks with sword fights, making your jaw drop. Highlander caters to folks who thought a minivan could handle a crew of immortals. Things get wild when our mystery man Russell Nash (played by Lambert) decides to go all swashbuckling in a NYC parking lot, leaving a piece of an ancient weapon behind. Forensic whiz Brenda Wyatt and her partner Lt. Frank Moran join the party, launching them into a historic feud between mighty immortals.

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