Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash Yellow Costume Jacket

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Reverse Flash Costume Jacket

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Eobard Thawne Superhero Reverse Flash Costume Leather Jacket

This gripping and majestic leather jacket has an elegant and first-class appearance. This Reverse Flash Leather Jacket is spot on the piece of outfit for the biker and fashion lover. This outstanding outfit is worn by Teddy Sears while reprising the role of Reverse Flash in the DC Comics TV series The Flash.

This Reverse Flash Jacket comes in two out of the ordinary black and yellow contrasting colors which will enthusiast your head to toe personality. The jacket has round collar, and the front is zip closure. The bottom at the waist has the detailing to give a perfect shutting look. The sleeves are long and open hem cuffs. The Superhero Reverse Flash Cosplay Jacket has two pockets at the waist length. The overall outfit crafted with the fine looking pattern and detailing and turns this outfit into the striking clothing that you will never want to miss. Get this Reverse Flash Cosplay Leather Jacket Costume right and avail free shipping.