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Spectre James Bond Daniel Craig Beige Suede Leather Jacket

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Daniel Craig Spectre James Bond Jacket

James Bond Spectre Daniel Craig Beige Suede Leather Jacket

The jacket is worn in some of the Morocco scenes: when Bond and Swann arrive in Tangier and later in the train scenes when they talk about the gun. Matchless released a suede jacket on their website called the James Bond Spectre Beige Jacket with a black zipper, side pockets, and viscose lining. If the details of this jacket are 100% the same as the jacket used in the movie has yet to be discovered, it is likely the most accurate jacket that will be available. One of the differences, based on spy shots of Craig wearing the jacket, is that the black round Matchless logo on the left sleeve of the Limited Edition jacket is not on the movie jacket. You can now leave your mark on everyone around you by wearing a look that screams the Love of twenty-one years ago  Spectre Beige Jacket.

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