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Star Trek Male Officer Starfleet Uniform Bomber Cosplay Jacket

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Officer Star Trek Uniform Jacket

Star Trek Male Officer Starfleet Uniform Bomber Red Cosplay Velvet Jacket

An officer or commissioned officer was a member of the Federation Starfleet who had completed the four-year cadet training at Starfleet Academy. Star Trek Starfleet Male Officer Duty Jacket worn by actors playing members of a fictitious Starfleet in numerous television series and films in the well-known Trek science fiction franchise. The dress design was frequently changed within the various collections to represent specific eras and for purposes of appearance and luxury.

It's composed of velvet with a soft viscose lining. It has long sleeves and open-hem wrists. The Star Trek Starfleet Male Officer Duty Uniform Jacket has buttoned up the front and has a waistband. It comes in a dark maroon hue with a rounded neck collar. The jacket has two insignia, one on each side and one on each shoulder. It has fine stitching to improve its appearance. The outfit is sold in our shops. Come to our store and get it now.

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