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Thank you for your time and reading the terms and conditions section. It is here where you will be able to get to know about the rules that you will have to follow if you are going to use this site now or anytime in the future.  By registering on this site or using it, you are bounded by the terms of this site. We reserve the right to omit to alter change or the whole term without any prior notice.

New Offer Details Information

User Eligibility

Registering with us shall mean that you comply with following rules

1.a) That you are at least 18 years of age, and you possess the right or legal security to enter into this agreement to use this site or partner with this site following the terms & conditions.

1.b) For business, you are obliging by the rules that of the country you reside in and have it completely registered and that it has a legal existence.

1.c) The information you provide us with shall be accurate and valid all the times and if you have registered with us for an account which happens to be non-transferable nor sellable to any other and you and you only shall use it.

Buyers’ Acknowledgment
Upon ordering, you agree to the following terms

2.a) That you have read thoroughly all the terms and conditions and have understood it and have no confusion left with it whatsoever.

2.b) That you will be entitled to a claim and exchange only under the mentioned policy of the site.

Return of Product

You will be only entitled to file a return or exchange if

3.a) The product you have received from us is not the same as described or is not the same which shown in the picture in our site and our site only.

3.b) The product that you have received is damaged from somewhere but is same that shown in the picture. Furthermore, it should be noted that the product which is being sent back to us should be in the original condition that is you should send it back in the same way you received it which means all the tags, receipts and packaging should be the same otherwise you shall not be entitled to a claim.

Intellectual property rights disclaimer:

All the images that have been used here, all the designs that belong to this site, all the clips, and illustrations that have been provided in and by this site are owned completely by this site, and thus, they are our property, and we possess every right to it. It is must prohibit for those who do not have the permission to use it any other means or misuse it which may bring the bad name to the site. Failing to comply with this rule may result in a penalty as we take the goodwill of this company very seriously and will not tolerate anything which may bring the bad name to it.

Webpage Content

The content that has been uploading here also hold a legal entity and thus should not be copied in any way. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change, amend or alter it completely without any prior notice to the customer. If any modification of the content results in any dissatisfaction among the consumer, then the company will not be responsible.


The prices that are offer here are three kinds that are mostly same everywhere. If you are ordering from a country where the three countries which will be later mention do not use, then you can ask your central bank to convert into any three of the currency using FOREX trade and order your favorite jacket. The three currencies are listed below:

1) USD $

2) British Pounds

3) Euros

Governing Laws

This site is base on United Kingdom Laws & Rules and thus comes under the rule of the country law and anyone who goes against, a legal action will be taken the no matter in whatever the country you reside in. If a consumer wants to file a case against this company, then he can do so in the court of UK.

No Wavier

If the rules that have been mentioned here do not follow properly then the company/site reserves the right to ban that particular person from visiting the site without giving any notice to the consumer. The ban can be from days to lifetime!