Good Girl TV Show Leather Jackets Collection

Good Girls is an American wrongdoing parody show TV series made by Jenna Restrictions that circulated on NBC from February 26, 2018, to July 22, 2021. The series is leader created by Boycotts, Senior member Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw for All inclusive TV. In June 2021, the series was dropped after four seasons. The series follows three rural Michigan moms, two of whom are sisters, struggling to earn enough to get by. 

They are worn out on having everything detracted from them, so they pull off an impossible heist by ransacking a general store to find that they are in for more than they anticipated. Their effective burglary draws into consideration of the senior supervisor after he remembers one of the ladies; however, for an alternate explanation through and through than simply the cash and the consideration of a crowd posse that served the general store as a front. 

Presently trapped in a progression of group heists, obligations, mysteries, and familial emergencies, the others gradually plummet down a way they never considered going down before. Good Girls is savvy, entertaining, and outlandishly watchable, thanks to the fantastic cast of three entertainers at their best. For all the droll and humdingers, it's as yet a show around three rural Detroit moms struggling with attempting to get by.

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