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Brand: Walking Dead TV Show Leather Jackets And Coctumes
Product Code: Walking Dead S9 Rick Grimes Brown Jacket


Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead S9 Brown Jacket

What a pleasant looking bit of article of clothing is this The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Season 9 Jacket! Worn by Andrew Lincoln this a wonderful outerwear that each person would request and want. The Rick Grimes Season 9 Jacket is made of cotton texture with an internal delicate layer that implies you get both style and solace together. On the front it has full secured conclusion with the shirt style neckline given on the top. The long sleeves have secured sleeves and two pockets are given on the chest with folds and fastens on. In favor of front fastened conclusion it has a crisscross plan from top to the end that intrigue to the eyes. Adding to the magnificence of this coat the camel darker shading assumes an enormous job. All things considered, the coat is a genuine head-turner that can be worn when you are with companions or you go for a formal meeting.

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