Our priority is to have a very long lasting relationship with our customers and for that we make sure that they delivered what they love the most their jackets in a very short period. Almost all of our products are freshly made or are made to order, and that is why we need 7-8 working days to complete one jacket. The reason for that is we believe that a customer should get a freshly made item rather than an old piece of apparel as he pays completely and deserves the best. There are however some products that are hot selling items and are thus made before hand to cater the multiple needs at once. Those of the Jackets that made on "Custom Order" takes a little bit longer time as we have to make it from the star but do not worry because if you are ordering a custom made jacket, then we will make sure you will have it in a 14 days' time.


In normal circumstances, the product will reach to you in usually 14 working days out of which 7-8 days are required in manufacturing of the product while the rest days are taken up by the transportation of the good(s).

For delivery, we use the top courier services such as DHL, SkyNet, FedEx. The items that are present in other warehouses such as of UK and USA may reach quickly if the order is from somewhere near.


The cost varies from country to country because the laws differ from country to country. Firstly is the rate of the courier which is already a discounted one as we have a deal with them but in most cases, the flat rate is around $60 for most countries, and if you are residing in a country from Eastern Africa and South America then the cost may go higher. Here is the good news; if your order exceeds $200 then we are going to bear all the freight cost for you and you will not have to pay a thing.


Attention as this part is very necessary. We want to explain that whatever the import duty is in your country shall be your responsibility, and we will not be responsible for it in any way whatsoever. Before ordering, you should make yourself known of the import duties so that you do not have to face trouble in latter stages.