It is entirely usual that you will be concerned about every information you share with us, and you are rightly so here at we believe in transparency, and you would be the one who would control the information you would want to share with us. However, there is some information which we may preserve to give you convenience. Read on further to know why we collect your information in the first place and what is the reason for storing some of your information.


If you place an order with us, we are going to ask multiple kinds of information which include but is not limited to your gender, name, address, DOB, title, email address, mobile number, payment details, delivery address (if any), fax number and other information.

Only those of the information that you have provided us with will used which will help us in future correspondence so that whenever you come back to place your order again, we can recognize you and show you your history of activity on our site.

Third Parties

The third party will only be limited to the courier service so that the order that you have placed with us can get to you easily. We will be providing him with your name, address, fax number, mobile number and other useful information for them. 


We hired the top professionals who designed a very integrated system to secure the transactions you will make to us for the jacket(s). It is to notify you that we do not store any information of this kind to protect your privacy. 

Your Rights

You have the right to change the information or your account at any time of the day or night. You can make changes to it, alter it or completely delete it if you want to. You can also control what would You like to share with us and in doing so what you need to know is that then keeps the password of your account very safe.