Ben Affleck Movies And TV Shows Jackets And Coats Merchandise

Ben Affleck Movies And TV Shows Costume Leather Jackets And Trench Coats Merchandise

Ben Affleck is an American actor and producer who has starred in action, drama, and comedy movies. He is known for his writer, director, and producer work. His ancestry is a mix of English, Irish, German, and Scottish. His middle name, Géza, is named after a Hungarian friend who survived the Holocaust.

In the movie, Ben Affleck plays the role of a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock, who fights for justice both in the courtroom and as the secret superhero Daredevil in New York. Affleck's portrayal of Batman was first seen by DC fans worldwide in the 2016 movie "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." This was the first time Affleck appeared on-screen as the character since a previous actor played the role.

Affleck is one of the founders of the Eastern Congo Initiative. This charity gives money and support to help the people of the Eastern Congo. He also strongly supports the Progressive movement. Affleck and Damon together own a production company called Pearl Street Films.

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Ben Affleck Movies And TV Shows Leather Jackets And Cosplay Outfits Merchandise

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