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Product Code: Arkham Knight Red Hood Vest


Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Leather Vest Jacket

This immaculate piece of clothing that advance up your appearance amongst the other is the Red Hood Leather Vest. Red Hood wears this outstanding leather vest in popular action-adventure video game ‘Batman: Arkham Knight.' This vest is power pack apparel and a smash hit that is going to the nest proficiency. This leather jacket is very amazing and cool outfit for the teen. The base color of the vest is white with beautifully contrast with black and red color which is very appealing for high-stepper. This Batman Arkham Knight jacket has round high-neck style collar which is zip closure and black in color. The front of the vest has red batman logo. This different style leather jacket has two side pockets. This outfit is a symbol of strong and mysterious personality that is always ready to inspire from its look. This pure white color leather vest is the attractive piece of clothing that is ever introduced to the Batman fans. Grab your action pack outlook from this elegant Batman leather vest. Get you Batman Arkham Night Red Hood Vest right now and avail free shipping in USA and UK.

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