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Avengers Infinity War Rocket Raccoon Vest

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Avengers Infinity War Rocket Vest
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Rocket Raccoon Avengers Infinity War Costume Vest

Rocket Raccoon is the funniest yet very fiercely character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe he has a very good sense of humor as well as he is very emotional when it comes to really depressing situations. He uses his weapons and uniquely designed gadgets to knock the enemies down. Everyone now loves the character of Rocket Raccoon and love to see him on the screen. Just like his fights and amazing stunts, his outfits are also very brutal just like this Rocket Raccoon vest. It is made up of genuine leather material having brown and orange color contrast. It has got unique vertically attached straps on the front along with shoulder straps which increases the confidence level of anyone in a crowd. This Rocket Raccoon costume has a round neckline open collar which looks stunning. This Bradley Cooper vest is really great if you have to attend a costume party or you can also wear it casually as an upper or as fashion.