Michael Jackson Black And Red Thriller Jacket

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Michael Jackson Red Thriller Jacket
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Thriller Song Michael Jackson Costume Jacket

This outfit is the fabulous and stylish replica of Michael Jackson Thriller jacket that he wore in the Thriller song video in 1983. The look and design of the jacket still look modern, and no one could even say that its first appearance was thirty years ago. Other than design, the color combination of black and red is magically attractive and glamorous look. It’s one of the few black and red jackets that will always remain evergreen in the world of fashion and style. The Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket is the iconic symbol of rock and roll memory. This thriller outfit was the great jacket in 1980’s and still emulated by the other famous celebrities like Kanye West, Chris Brown. The front of Thriller Jacket is zip closure, having Mandarin collar, rigid shoulder design protruding out all over the top of the arms and the sleeves are full but not cuffed. It has small belt type design around it. The front V shape sign and sleeves long design combine, make the letter ‘M’. The Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket will show thrills all over your personality when you wear it.