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Product Code: Top Gun Tom Cruise Bomber Jacket


Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Shearling Jacket

Tom Cruise is a personality that is much known in every part of the world not only because of his acting skills but also because of his style which is way too hard to resist. One major reason on why his personality is so charming is because of the jackets he wears, and the very same person also wore this particular jacket. This Tom Cruise jacket is a must buy for you if you are looking for something specific and unique. This Top Gun Maverick Jacket is going to give you something to brag about and is surely going to make you fellow people jealous because you would be way above them in style due to this Top Gun Jacket. It is going to bring a significant change in your life so do not let it go away. Come and take this Top Gun Top Gun Sherling Bomber before it is too late!

Product Details:

  • Worn by: Tom Cruise
  • Made from 100% genuine leather
  • Viscose lining on the inside
  • Multiple tags at the front
  • YKK zipper for complete closure
  • Comes with two flap pockets
  • Fur Collar
  • Quality stitched product it is
  • Meticulous craftsmanship

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